Friday, November 9, 2012

Nalalia Allen's Little Black Dress...Timeless Cool

My evening at "Story" continues with designer Natalia Allen. The little black dress my favorite uniform!  No seams, made in  USA, it is quite fabulous!

No one can say it better than the designer herself so read on and visit  her website.

“Welcome! I am designer Natalia Allen, and I invite you to experience my view for the future of fashion and design. Here you will find my ESSENTIALIST capsule collection. Each piece is imbued with my core philosophies of: modernity, luxury, sustainability and fit elegance. Designed and created in the USA using innovative technologies, each piece is crafted with precision and without seams from a singular piece of luxurious, sustainable, high-performance yarn. The result is a chic dress that is lightweight, soft, and ultra-comfortable. The ESSENTIALIST little black dress is perfect for stylish women with busy lifestyles. Each detail was crafted to accentuate your style, silhouette, and schedule. I invite you to explore, shop and comment on fashion’s new frontier. Enjoy!"

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