Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Graham Hill: Less Stuff, more happiness...Timeless Cool

A few weeks ago while in NYC I stopped by Story (10th and 19th)  to attend an evening event, Fashion Forward: Technology and Sustainability with Graham Hill and Natalia Allen.  An eye opening and thought provoking evening.   I can't stop thinking about it and any telling anyone who will listen.  Brilliant!

Editing...the skill of the century
Right size your stuff (no we really do not need that 6 burner stove top when we really only use 3 burners at the most)
Buy less... spend wisely
Edit ruthlessly

I am still working on my personal edit...I must say not an easy task for someone in retail!  It may take years.

Check out how Graham lives in 420 square feet...I find it refreshing!

More about Natalia  in a couple of days...


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