Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Croque Monsieur a Timeless Cool French Supper

This past weekend I headed to the Litchfield Hills on the hunt for great shops, art galleries, and lunch. My partner in crime, a friend who knows the area well, and she has fabulous taste, lead the way. The ride through the winding back roads with endless pastures and beautiful homes was inspirational without even getting out of the car.

No disappointment in the stops we made...which I will share in a future posts..... but I need to talk about lunch. We ended up in Millerton NY at the Tea Bar at Harney and Son's. To start: we share a pot of Paris Tea, a special blend created by one of the owners to pay homage to his days spent in Paris. It is fruity black tea with a hint of lemony Bergamot...and we added an order of scones and clotted cream....amazing! Already I think I died and went to culinary heaven. Next, one of the specials on the menu sounded familiar, but was not sure what it was ....Croque Monsieur. OMG, this french sandwich has making my mouth water for years as I have watched it devoured in one of my favorite scenes from the movie "It's Complicated". The scene, for whatever reason, it could be how Jane tells of her days spent in Paris cooking...or the fact that she is now serving this romantic simple meal, in a great kitchen, has had me wanting to jump in and partake every time I watch it. This is my big chance....or as close as I am going to get....

Croque Monsieur

Ham, french mustard, tomme de savoie cheese and beschamel sauce on Berkshire Mountain Bakery’s San Francisco Sourdough bread served with field greens and local Adamah Dilly Beans.

This is a simply grilled ham and cheese on crusty french bread topped with beschamel sauce. I opted for topping it with a fried was every bit as good as I had been dreaming. I am off to the kitchen to make them for supper. Candle Light is optional. Recipe will follow.


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