Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Getting Older....but we still need to look Timeless and Cool?

There is no getting around it,  I am getting older ....and now have to wear reading glasses.  I have fought it and continue the fight year by year.... By day I wear one contact lens for reading and at night I have to wear reading glasses....ughh!  The last straw for me and expensive prescription glasses was when I fell a sleep on a plane and they took them away with my food tray.....I was forever loosing them.  Now check this out Eyebobs!  Great fashionable readers that do not cost a small fortune!  Most pairs 65 bucks.... and you look like a million! I now have back-ups!!!!  We must grow old gracefully but more important fashionably.

Here is a frightening fact I took off their home page..... I better buy some more, there might not be any left!

Why Eyebobs?

Every 8 seconds someone turns 40. This means 1.5 million people are having birthdays and if they don’t already wear reading glasses, they soon will be (97% by the time they are 50).  

 few of my favorite styles...  "arch rival"



and the best......they also do sunglasses!!!!

"total wit sunglasses"

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