Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Asrid Sulger.....Timeless Cool Jewelry Designer

"Timeless Cool" has allowed me to connect and stay connected with many talented and creative individuals,   be it a designer or just a lover of cool things like me.  I am thrilled when  "lovers of cool things" share their finds and connections allowing me to pass them to you.  Asrid Sulger is a new designer that has come via a few cool people.  She is Swiss Born and now living in Pemba, Mozambique.  After an apprenticeship with a local craftsman Asrid now transforms cow horn into fabulous pieces of fashion jewelry. Here are a few photos of my favorite pieces... as well as a link to a   lover's of cool things,  Amy Adams.  Amy shared this with me and discovered Asrid !

I would love to just pile this on....

fab necklace

and more to pile high!

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