Saturday, February 6, 2010

Treasure Hunting in in Chiang Mai

I love looking for treasures from the past that can be incorporated with the present, especially in exciting far away places. Given the guidence of a savy treasurer hunter, my son, we ventured out and began our hunt.

As we pull up in the taxi .......treasures treasures everywhere

beautiful teak furniture

gorgeous old baskets

Laquered Serving Vessels

Many interesting statues.... 

detailed wood carvings..

all telling a story from the past

if only these were not sooooo heavy....they would be en route

 pairs are much more valuable since are becoming harder to find

The position of the Buddha's hands have many meanings....when both hands are clasped in his lap, this is the meditative posture, if one hand is up with palm out, it is the gesture of giving instruction, and the one on the Buddha above, is called the posture of Calling the Earth to Witness, and symbolizes enlightenment.

old cow bells and miniture statues from Laos set in wood. I  believe the little statues were used as gifts for holidays such as birthdays but I have been unable to confirm that.

The monks had wonderful faces

Many placed these statues in their homes for good fortune, peace and protection
 or spiritual practice in meditaion.

It is hard to see the detail in the photos, but there are beautiful colored stones
embedded along the edges of  the robes.

We are was a successful hunt!


  1. again great photography

  2. What an eye you have Sheryl. Amazing stuff



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