Friday, January 22, 2010

Four Seasons Resort "Thai Cooking School"...Starting with a Trip to the Local Farmers Market

It is early morning and we have arrived at the market....a little groggy because of the time but the place is alive and hopping. It looks like everyone has been here for hours..... my senses are awakening.

Did you know how many numerous types of local bananas are native to Thailand? I think the number was 28. There are sweet bananas, like we are familar with (in many sizes) and those used in cooking.  Funny...we are half way around the world but they still have the "Dole" sticker on them! The banana leaf is also an important part of Thai cooking, many things are wrapped in the leaves to steam.

We are buying some banana flowers to use as a serving dish for one of our salads today.....the yellow that you see in the photo is the start of the bunch of bananas! How cool...

Fresh crabs from the rice paddies.....

Eggs...chicken eggs, duck eggs, and  the pink are called 1000 year old eggs (not really only about 100 days old). They are considered a delicacy.

Here is the 1000 year old egg, dyed pink on the outside, brown inside and very smelly. I am not sure I am ready for this...the egg was buried in mud for 100 days.

Many different types of dried shrimp, they are used in many Thai recipes.

...endless rows of fresh greens.

The meats....every part used for something...some of the parts were a bit unusual

Not sure what this fella is used for....but he had many friends.

Rows of fresh soup prepared for the day!

 They also have an organic section, slightly higher in price just like back home.

I can not remember the name of this but the taste will last forever. It was a small custard topped with spring onions and coconut milk! They were to die for!

Last stop is for dragon fruit used as a garnish for one of the salads....
back to the fabulous kitchen to begin class!

Stay tuned!

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  1. WOW...WOW...WOW
    Amazing Open Market...
    Did you eat theste Eggs?



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