Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Simple Holiday Decorations....Timeless Cool

The decorating continues ... In past posts I have mentioned how I love magnolia leaves.....well the love affair continues. I enjoy them more every year and look forward to bringing them into our house each Christmas. They are beautiful and natural with the rich classic green and brown color that deepens as they dry out. Here are a few ideas that are simple to do and not expensive. I enjoy the challenge of using something you already own to embellish and here is a great example!

 I hung the garlands with old jute tie backs from a former house........I am so glad I hung on to them.....

Below is one of my favorite pieces, a John Hardy alabaster and silver bowl. It is so beautiful on its own, I usually never put anything in it to distract from its' beauty....I do make an exception during the holiday and fill it with silver pinecones and a few ornaments. As we get closer to the holiday, I will add some pomegranates to the mix to add some color.

This  last photo is a great  centerpiece for a table...simple candles and yes....magnolia leaves.

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