Friday, April 23, 2010

Urban Oaks Organic Farm....Very Cool

This is a post from last year that I just had to re-post.  If you do not know about this, you should.....This is a very cool place. I remember last spring touring and thinking this is awesome! It's  not too late to sign up and celebrate Earth Day with them tomorrow morning. What better way to start the celebration than learning about composting. This is a hands on work session where you will help build and fill some compost bins for the farm. Plan to get dirty and dress appropriately.

Saturday April 24th 9:30am to 11:00am
225 Oak Street
New Britain, CT 06051

What started as inner-city organic farm to help save a neighborhood, has become Urban Oaks Organic Farm, the first of their kind in the nation. Owned by the non-profit Urban Oaks Community Development Corporation, they are dedicated to growing top-quality, certified organic fresh produce, year-round, for restaurants, specialty markets and the local community. Come visit the few employees and many dedicated volunteers that have made this happen. It is well worth the trip to shop their fabulous produce or better yet spend a few hours and get your hands dirty.
Here are some of the photos that I took starting with the hedge of rosemary (1st photo). I love the smell of rosemary but this was beyond words. I got to pick and taste the amazing fennel (2nd photo) and I admired the gorgeous greens (3rd and 4th photos). The last photo was enough to make me mark my calendar and sign up for their emails.... In the center of the greenhouse was a honey fig tree, which I was told by the end of the season will be growing through the roof. The staffs descriptions of the sweet fresh honey figs made my mouth water. And they sell every last one and it starts in July!
Visit their website for more details .

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