Sunday, March 23, 2008

Great Settings.........Timeless Cool Frances Palmer

As always we are on the hunt for the perfect dinner plate, for the perfect meal….. We find a hidden gem in our own backyard. I always love these trips to meet new artists and view their work. It is refreshing, energizing and keeps our creative juices flowing. As our team pulled up to the gracious colonial compete with a fabulous barn, that we later learned the barn was a 1790 house that had been reassembled on site, all set on beautiful snow covered grounds, we sensed from its style that an artist lived within. Voila, out of the house emerges Frances Palmer, a potter, a stay-at-home mom and entrepreneur in CT. As we toured her studio the sea of creamy whites and taupe’s with splashes of black, called out to be touched and held. Some of the pieces were hand thrown and one of a kind , shown amongst pieces from the Frances Palmer Pearl Collection which are cast from hand made molds by century old Buffalo Pottery Company. It screamed dinner party, family, friends and great food. As we ooohed and ahhhhed, soft spoken Frances announces that she had been preparing pizza dough and would we join her for lunch. Our excitement for the pottery continues to escalate as we are served a lunch of homemade pizza, a different plate at each place setting in this beautiful Civil War era colonial with originals moldings and colors from the palate of an artist. We love it…… experience complete. We all need to own these.

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