Thursday, May 23, 2013

Trade Secrets Connecticut Garden Tour 2013...Timeless Cool

As promised here is the second garden that we visited.  This is one of my personal favorites, Lee Links Garden.  The gardens,  the greenhouse,  and Koi pond...  The house, which I understand started as an A-Frame many years ago is now almost a piece of artwork itself.  After viewing my photos at the end of the day I was disappointed that I had really had not captured the full uniqueness of this property.  The whole property is a piece of art...check out the detail on the chimney.

When you walk up the drive way to the left is the guesthouse.

Straight ahead is the garage with the greenhouse on the back.

The view from the greenhouse looking down on the guesthouse.

The gardens in back on the green house.

The greenhouse

More of the view of the back of the house leaving the greenhouse.

The side of the guesthouse stacked with wood.

The view and approaching the main house.

Looking back from the house.

The fabulous chimney...

The gardens in front

The view looking from the pool

Patio on the side of the house

Koi Pond on the right  with unique garden design with pea stone

The path to the pool

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