Friday, March 15, 2013

Living with alot less...Timeless Cool

Yes,  I am a lover of things.  As I have aged and become wiser (I hope) things do mean a lot less.  The things that I have taken for granted over the years mean the most and they aren't really "things". 
 We moved 7 years ago and cleaned out an entire house taking the things that meant the most.  It was a cleansing experience.  Now seven years later the new space is filling up,  I have lost control. I am feeling clogged and crowded.  I wrote a couple of months ago about Graham Hill and an informal talk I attended that he one of the speakers.  It was inspirational.   Sunday's article in the NY Times "Living With A Lot Less"  is so true.  Although Graham seems to be more of an extreme than I, there must be a happy median out there. I am working on finding it.  Good-bye to my collection of many dinner plates...not this week.

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