Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Corkcicle...Timeless Cool Winer Chiller

Bye Bye Wine Cooler?  Check this out Corkcicle. Thought this was cool a year ago and it is even cooler now.  I am not crazy about the colors but love the natural cork.  Try it in your reds...Loved what it did to the temp of my red wine.... perfect for summer.

Bye Bye Wine Cooler?  Check this out Corkcicle

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  1. Hmm...In my stock there are wine corks, cones, and corkscrews special press for wine. And my recent purchase is my pride - the wine cooler NewAir AW-210ED Review . Noiseless with a transparent door and a fixed temperature. Now I can enjoy cool wine in the evenings. Wine storage is now at a temperature of 44 to 66 F , I choose optimally for a wine grade. MMMMM I like the wine culture, and in the future I'd also like to do wine, and buy a vineyard. But while it's just a dream)



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