Saturday, July 14, 2012

Atlanta...Timeless Cool

I am in Atlanta at the Gift and Home Furnishings Market.  Have been walking for days and have found some great things.  Although trade shows are terribly tiring,  I must admit there is an energy that is wonderful.  It could be my love of spending my days talking to other artists and creative souls.  Spent today working on a project that would be similar to accessorizing the little black dress only my black dress was a beautiful white plate.  Such fun... can wait to share with you what one can do with a single white dinner plate.  All us foodies know that  "the white dinner plate" is the perfect blank canvas for a fabulous meal.  More to come on that.

Ended the day with a great meal at Serpas.  One of my favorites places, the best appetizers.  Duck Rolls, House Smoke Salmon Chips, Eggplant Hushpuppies...all fab!

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