Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Big Green Egg...A Timeless Cool Barbeque

I bought my husband a new toy for his birthday and Father's Day,  The Big Green Egg.    I thought I would pull up to the hardware store have it loaded in the back of my SUV and it would be a done deal... don't think so.  This big ceramic egg is heavy, very heavy.   Everyone who has one can't stop talking about it.  A new cult member (family)  just had one shipped to Hong Kong. When you want one nothing stops you.  First night we will try something simple hamburgers.  We are not quite sure what we are doing...

The burgers were good, a little well done.  It will require some practice on controlling the temp,  but the flavor was great.  If you are thinking of getting one check out You really is a cult!  Interesting on one of the video they are raving about Thanksgiving turkey.  Thank goodness we have a few months to master this Big Green Egg.

The New York Times featured an article last year "The Cult of the Big Green Egg". 

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  1. Laguna next week, Anguilla in 2 weeks then on to Nantucket...Do you think the dog will see a big charge on his card. I need one now!!!



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