Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Smoking Slipper...Timeless Cool

Here’s a riddle: what do 51-year-old Sotheby’s Europe chairman Melanie Clore, 40-year-old film director Sofia Coppola, and 28-year-old “It girl” Alexa Chung all have in common?

Stumped? All are early adopters of the latest trend in footwear. Not an ever-more towering platform but rather its opposite: the slipper. Specifically, the smoking slipper. I could add my name to this list, I have been wearing them for years with jeans or black tie. I must admit I am sad to see that it is becoming a trend, I loved making my own statement.

From the article Slip on solutions from FT.com

Some of my favorites from Stubbs & Wootton

Slipper by Louis Vuittonslipper from Louis Vuitton

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