Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A STARTUP STORE...Timeless Cool

I finally got to experience "A STARTUP STORE " this weekend in NYC. (located on the corner of 19th St. and 10th Ave.) I arrived in the middle of a happening event Saturday afternoon with BIRCHBOX. Packed with lots of interesting folk all checking out the new kid on the block and while enjoying the amazing weather. It is everything I imagined and more...exciting, innovative, the creation of a bridge between online and offline as Rachel Shechtman, the dream machine behind this start up, so let the "dance" begin.

Filled with lots of cool stuff, creative stories and more. Bravo Rachel, I can't wait for the next round, February 1st: LOVE. February 1st the name of this new adventure will be revealed.

It was the place to be...

filled with something for everyone...

Inventions with a story...QUIRKY

the ultimate toothbrush holder...

no more pulling those dust bunnies off my broom...

Hats, scarfs, handbags... JOOR


have an idea...have a seat! QUIRKY

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