Saturday, January 21, 2012

Park Hyatt Tokyo...Timeless Cool

I have seen my fair share of incredible places and each time I add another it raises the bar for the next stop. By far, the Park Hyatt Tokyo, is one of the most amazing hotels in the world. Serene and beautifully appointed throughout with drop dead views from every window and the most attentive staff I have every seen. I was told by my trusted travel advisor (son) that it was voted number five in the world for service... no doubt, could be number one in my book. Every detail perfection and yes, there really is a sterling silver key ring with room key! This is the first hotel that I have ever stayed that room service removes their shoes before entering. This will be a tough act to follow.
Take a peek...the photos do not do it justice!


From the moment a guest walks in and collects the room key on a sterling silver key ring, it is clear that a stay at Park Hyatt Tokyo will be an “over-the-top” experience. Perched on the top floors of a modern skyscraper that towers above one of Asia’s most thrilling cities, this hotel is widely acknowledged to be Tokyo’s finest. Whether you are visiting on holiday or travelling for business, we hope you will enjoy the unique spirit of the hotel and the personalized service of our staff available to address your every need.

Reception is located on the 41st floor, this is the lobby to the building

The serene halls

Girandole, a French Brassiere in the Hotel

I was facinated with the lighting and photos in the restaurant

The view of the swimming pool from the New York Grill on the 52nd floor

a view into Ginandole

the views from the windows

The rooms



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  1. Thanks for posting. We are traveling soon and we will check it out.



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