Monday, January 16, 2012

Food Hall at Isetan Tokyo...Timeless Cool

Today we did a walking tour of Tokyo. I am going to start at our last stop first since I am so excited about it. Isetan, the most incredible department store I have ever seen. If in Tokyo, this is a must see, aside from being very stylish and upscale (similar to a Neiman Marcus), the Food Court on it's lower level is to die for. I have never experienced anything like it before...even Harrods in London does not hold a candle to it. The interesting part was I did not know what 75% of the food and I was still blown away.

Enjoy the visuals, this is not even a quarter of what I saw today, it is the size of a city block. I totally lost it and looked like the crazy woman (I am) wildly snapping photos of food. There a stylish doorman upon arrival, need a stroller.. they have tons, looking for something special...not problem. Stop by the information service desk (great uniforms love the red) to ask where to find it. Check out the desserts and sweets at the end!

The doorman

Need Assistance?

or a ride

a great kitchen set up...I saw some Alessi in there

a stylish place to eat lunch

Need a party favor...

tea...everyone was ordering their own brew

notice every section had their own uniform, hats included

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