Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Today October 5th 2011 will be Timeless Cool

We are anxiously awaiting the news of the birth of our new granddaughter. We just received the call and she is on her way. Hong Kong here I come! I can't wait to welcome her to the world and see that little face.

Family relationships have historically been an important part of Chinese culture. Relational terms give some insight to divisions in Chinese thinking. They are divided along paternal and maternal lines as well as differentiated for elders and juniors...this will be confusing for me different names for everyone!

I will be Mah-mah, and my husband will be Yeh-yeh. My daughter-in-laws parents will be Pou pou for Grandmother, and Gon gon for Grandfather. There will be lots of new traditions and celebrations so stay tuned!!

xx sdg

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