Thursday, September 1, 2011

Best fashion tip...Timeless Cool thank you Isabella Rossellini

We all have our style icons that we admire. Some of the greats that I love Jackie O, Catherine Deneuve, Audrey Hepburn, Isabella Rossellini... They have an aura about them, a self confidence that says this is who I am. No matter what they wear they always looked put together, could be flip flops, oversized shirt.. but it worked.

I was just reading an article in New York Magazine about Isabella Rossellini (whom I have met and yes... she is as beautiful in person and has great minimalistic style) and her daughter Electra Wiedemann. In the article Isabella said “A great bag and jewelry and red lipstick and you’re ready". Well it Friday morning, I have piled on my bracelets, a great pair of earrings, my new lipstick (Adorable by Chanel) ....the handbag I am working on (need to find one that I love) but I am feeling pretty good. Thank you Isabella!

Enjoy the last days of summer. Have a safe holiday weekend. I am heading to Bellport, can't wait and who knows I might even catch another glimpse of Isabella.


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