Friday, July 8, 2011

Timeless Cool....Dempsey and Carroll Stationary Engravers

Although I have not written much about this subject I am a lover of beautiful paper and the luxury products made with it. Be it stationary, invitations, or just a great business card it is all about how it feels... texture, thickness, weight....its substance. I love old established stationary companies such as Dempsey and Carroll, full of history and still using the hand-engraving techniques to create beautiful products. Note writing is becoming a lost art, being replaced with quick emails. As technical savvy as I am, I still cherish a beautiful piece of paper with the hand writing of those near and dear. Here are a few of my favorites...and as you can see from the size they do not require a lengthy message, just a sweet little note from the heart.

xx sdg

Red Letters by John Derian

Enjoy Gift Tag

Thank You Gift Tag

Our Classic Signature Correspondence Card

This is my favorite...just add your signature!

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