Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Timeless Cool Tables...Dressed by Marcel Wander for Alessi

I am sorry I missed this party...thank you 3rdeyeamsterdam for sharing! I need to gather a group of creative souls and have a celebration!

May I invite you at my table
Let me serve you food and wine
Let me get my special plates,
my long legged crystals, my shiny silverware.
Because today is a special day
Because today the sun came up,
Because today the air filled our lungs with endless amounts of air,
Because today children were born from happy parents,
and because today I meet some friends.
Because today is a special day because no one died and no one cried,
Because parrots repeat what you tell them
and because there are cookies in the shape of flowers
This is a day worth celebrating, a day worth happy faces,
Worth our best dress our silk stockings our gold green Sunday shirt
Today we don't eat, we dine,
Today we don't walk, we dance
Today we don't sleep, we dream
Today we don't smile, we laugh
Today we don't wear boots, we wear crystal Cinderella's
Today we celebrate life and we are dressed for the occasion
Surprise your heart with your eyes and see that tomorrow
will be another very special day..."
-Marcel Wanders


  1. COOL...Now I need 8 Dressed Salad Bowls...
    Just when I thought I was relaxed.
    Maybe mix it with Ginori upside down.

  2. We should have a fun dinner party like they did! Have fun in on vacation!



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