Saturday, June 18, 2011

EmersonMade Caftan...Timeless Cool

Great minds think alike... I have been searching for the perfect caftan for years...I signed up to get mine ....have you? Party at my place as soon as they arrive!!

Stay tuned leaving for Italy today to visit on of my favorite companies...Alessi!

Guess what? The EmersonMade Butterfly Caftan is ALMOST here! Made to be lived in year round. pull it on and dance at the festival in the grass or in the festival in your own living room. run errands in it, curl up with friends, have a late night dinner party. you can love in it, laugh in it, live in it and like one of the favorite wardrobe heirloom pieces, it will just get better with every wear. All those interested in Emerson Butterfly Caftan please click here!

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