Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Timeless Cool Interiors

I was visiting one of my dearest friends a few weeks back and her house, always looks gorgeous, but was looking even more gorgeous than normal. She does have amazing taste and a way of putting things together so not surprising. Everything always looks perfectly placed but always warm and inviting, the type of room that you would want to pick up a great book and hang by the fire.

After questioning her what was different and she reminded me of the importance of spring cleaning... the putting away of "stuff", moving things around, and most important "the less is more approach". Since my visit to her home I have to admit, I am not having the success she had. I think I might have to have her over to double team with me seems I have the need for an edit assistant. Here are some photos from her home and perhaps I will share some photos of mine when I have mastered "spring cleansing"!

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