Thursday, April 21, 2011

Crema Restaurant NYC..Timeless Cool

Burrito de Atun

I am a Margarita Tequila kind of girl....I love a great margarita! I am picky... no mixes for me, fresh lime juice and great Tequila, so when I find one it's hard to get me to try a new place. In my foodie circle I had heard about chef Julieta Balleseros so I decided to take the plunge out of my comfort zone. I can confirm that she is New York City's #1 Mexican Chef. The melding of her traditional Mexican cuisine with her training at the French Culinary Institute = an amazing culinary experience.

I started with a ginger margaritas recommended by our server. Yes, I usually stick to the tried and true top shelf, what the heck. We ordered para empezar (for the table) guacamole with Salsas de la casa. Chips, guac, a great Margarita, I was already a happy camper. We spilt 3 main courses and each was better then the next. Unbelievable mix of flavors and hands down the best Mexican food I have ever had. Here are the entrees we tried....

Taca de Carne Asada:
Adobo-marinated grilled skirt steak, black beans served in corn tortillas

Burrito de Atun:
Pan seared big eye tuna wrapped in a flour tortilla with avocado, jicama relish, sesame-pasilla sauce

Magret de Pato en Mole:
Glazed Peking duck breast served over mole poblano with roasted plantains, pomegranate honey, crema, and potato cheese enchilada

and after all of this was there any room for dessert? No, but there was no way I was leaving this place without trying the "Pastel de Tres Leches". What is this you might ask...sponge cake soaked in three milks, mango syrup and served with dulce de leche ice cream. OMG! I almost had to lay down in the cab.

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