Friday, March 4, 2011

What do you consider Timeless Cool?

What pieces do you consider timeless and yet still cool? I, of course, am always putting everything to the Timeless Cool test. What pieces and designers are or will be a part of history and stand the test of time.

Here are some things that I consider Timeless and still very Cool no matter what year they were purchased:

Hermes Ties...the colors might change, the width a little here and there, they are timeless!

Penny Loafers...can find a pair in your closet?

Gucci Loafers...I think my husband still owns a pair from his teens, could that be?

Cashmere Cardigan...You can never tell if it is new or just one of those items that you keep pulling out of your closet year after year... I love it.

An Hermes Bag...Oh how I wish I had one laying around in the back of my closet! This is one of those items that could easily be put in your will.

Diamond Studs...size does not matter always perfect.

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