Thursday, March 10, 2011

A Timeless Cool Home

I have found that these lingering cold days of March has me deprived of all my creative juices. To remedy this deficiency, I took a trip to the 7th floor of Bergdorf Goodman in NYC. My jaunt through the well displayed rooms was just what the doctor ordered. Things did catch my eye, I did stop in my tracks, and it made me rekindle a lost home (you all know what it is like after a long winter). Many of my favorite things I had seen before, but their creative displays gave them new life and confirmed it is time to do some spring accessory cleaning and make our home ready for the new season. Spring is really coming.... I can feel that beautiful spring green color getting ready to make an appearance.

Great scented candles and lucite boxes with fabulous stones

One of my favorite Ginori Patterns that looks amazing layered with your white dinnerware...

Fun, isn't it?

Love a little orange...

Throw the chipped stuff out!
Time for some new dinnerware....Juliska Bamboo and layer with their new green...

Mustardseed and Moonshine Ramekins....can't get enough of those flowers
...yes you can bake in them

add color to the table with some inexpensive stems...yes only $15.00

and see they already have the William Yeoward Amethyst pieces I spoke about this week

more great greens for the spring... I lost focus for a bit...but don't you love the new Moncler jackets

hula hoops?

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  1. The ramekins are amazing! I also love the yeoward purple glasses from your earlier post. Looks so great.



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