Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The World of Hermes....Timeless Cool

Fashion week has inspired me to take a trip through my closet in search of the timeless pieces from my past that have survived the test of time. First trip: I stumbled upon some vintage Hermes scarfs....each one as precious as the next and Hermes men's ties (of course not in my closet).....the colors of the ties change from year to year but they never seem to get old. I decided to hop on their website to see just how much things had changed. Interesting not that much, the product still gorgeous, classic, and timeless....where they have changed is their new website is very creative.....young and very cool. Click on travel the world of Hermes. My favorite are the "surprises" and "take a ride". Be careful you can easily lose a few hours in this playful site.

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