Thursday, February 3, 2011

Manzo at Eataly...Timeless Cool

I am sure you all have been following the hype about Eataly that opened last fall at 200 Park Ave in NYC. Started by great chefs Maria Balali, Joseph Bastianich, Lidia Bastianich and partners, it is Italian gastronomy. A fabulous Italian market with numerous eateries, it ensures that good eating and shopping is not limited to just the connoisseurs.

Last night I attended a private dinner party at Manzo (Italian for beef) which is the more formal of dining at Eataly. The dinner was thrown by Alessi, a favorite Italian company, also known as the Italian Design Factory....makes very cool stuff. I have written about numerous designs in the past.

Greeted with a glass of Prosecco and guided into the dining area by Lidia herself, I sense that this will be a dining expierence....not just dinner.

Yes it was unbelievable... the food, wine, presentation, simple Alessi designs on the tables (created a very Italian feel) and great service. My only regret was not photographing the food....but once again I got lost in the moment with excitement and just had to sorry. Bravo Chef Michael Toscano (formerly of Babbo Ristorante) and Alessi, I thank you for a most memorable evening.

Eataly..... It is a stop that you should not miss if in NYC.


  1. GREAT...
    anything crazy???
    or Farm Fresh?

  2. not crazy...all farm fresh with an amazing mix of flavors.. each course better than the next!

  3. must own...Mario Trimarchi's new Cachepot in black by Alessi. From the La Stanza dello Sirocco Collection.

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