Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Newbury Street Boston..Timeless Cool

Last month I wrote about a gift I had received from Winston Flowers in Boston that I was totally gaga over.  Yesterday I happened to be on Newbury Street and decided to pay them a visit.  Although scaffolding is covering the front of their brownstone building, it was not hard to spot the Christmas greens piled neatly in front of their doors enticing you to come in.   Enter....everywhere your eye can see are gorgeous greens, whites and reds.  I feel like I have entered a visual retreat.  By not mixing too many elements, and of course the elements that they do mix were ever so cool,  the repeating of the colors of green, white and red throughout created a serene space that I did not want to leave.  As you could guess,  all good things must come to an end so the next best thing was taking a piece of heaven back home so here are some of all the choices.  Can you guess what I came home with? I wish I could have loaded my car with it was all .....

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