Friday, November 26, 2010

John Hardy "My Green School"..... Timeless and Cool

these faces say it all!
I personally know this amazing man and his beautiful wife from his John Hardy jewelry days.  Back then they were  building amazing bamboo structures and were on the cutting edge of cool  of technology....they were the first to introduce our family to Skype.  I remember at a jewelry show John handing out head sets and instructions on how to use this new form of communication, which they used  throughout their company.

Since exiting the jewelry business I have watched  John and Cynthia from afar build and excute a dream.  Now to watch this video of John at Ted....all I can say is Bravo to you both!  See what can be done one step at a time to change the world for the generations to come! Thank you John and Cynthia for caring about my future grandchildren! I hope some day to be able to visit and see your accomplishments in person!


  1. What an inspiration!! Thanks for sharing this.

  2. I meet someone today that has grandchildren that attend this school and she said it is unbelievable and something to see.



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