Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Timeless Cool Backyards....

I spent the weekend trying to refurbish what was left of the plants on my terrace.  Lack of rain and my lack of constant watering took a toll on everything.  So in trying to spruce up what was left,  I moved things around and I came up with a pleasing arrangement that will get me through the fall.  Soon my ferns will be replaced with trees with little white lights that I can enjoy from inside the house.

This spring I bought two bamboo plants through a catalog.  I had been dying for bamboo.  When they arrived they were tiny, very tiny....the photo in the catalog was a little deceiving....but I am happy to say they are thriving.  I have been watching them grow all summer and am happy to report they are looking good, still not as large as I would like.  I did replant them into larger pots, added some moss and river rocks to cover the soil and voila....they are looking pretty good!

Here's a little tip for you....some of my favorite cachepots live among my books in our bookcases in our family room.  To give them a pop of color I filled with a mound of moss ...over time the moss had browned and lost that great green color that I love.  They also got a lift yesterday by adding a little green food coloring to water, put in a spray bottle, spritzed and the beautiful green has returned.

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