Thursday, October 14, 2010

John Hardy Naga Lava Bracelet ....More Timeless Cool

My love of bracelets continues...part of the daily uniform as I call it. Just got these great photos of  the Fall 2010 Naga Lava Collection from John Hardy.   I think one of these would look great amongst my wrist full of John Hardy sterling bamboo bangles... YES!!

A little history of the Naga Collection:

Introduced in 2008 as the first figurative piece for John Hardy, the Naga collection brings to life the Balinese legend of the dragon, a revered mythological creature symbolizing prosperity and good luck.
The fall 2010 Naga Lava collection combines John Hardy’s first figurative motif featuring the mythical dragon with the complex, yet refined technique of the lava pave setting, lending a smoky, sensual quality in line with the inspiration of the Art Deco period.

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