Friday, September 16, 2011

Nantucket Island ....Timeless Cool

This is a repost...from exactly one year ago. A friend had shared some photos of Nantucket taken during a recent trip. A year later, a few new photos added, and I am still longing for a month in a beautiful little cottage by the sea to paint, take photos and explore. Every year we say how amazed we are that we have never been to this magical little near but yet so far. It is absolutely charming...... when do we leave?


  1. Beautiful composition and colors. One of the most beautiful islands anywhere. These pictures capture the romantic, simple essence of Nantucket. Thanks!

  2. I never tire of seeing beautiful photos of Nantucket and these are simply breathtaking. Thanks!

  3. Nantucket is amazing this time of year! Crisp weather, no crowds, no waiting at the nicest restaurants, lobster prices much lower.. I could go on and on. Take someone special, walk all over over historic downtown, rent a Mini Cooper convertible and tour the island and bring a sketch pad and camera. You will never run out of subjects to inspire you.

  4. Very interesting - For the most part the scenes you chose to show could have been photographed 50 or 100 or more years ago and they would have changed very little. Now that is what I call Timeless Cool.



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