Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Timeless Cool.... Alessi

I am a big fan of Alessi...... For those of you who are not familar with the brand, it is a family owned Italian Company founded in 1921 that started as a metalworks factory, manufacturing copper, brass, and nickel plated tableware.  Grandson Alberto Alessi, who always wanted to be an architect, did the next best thing, joined the family business and hired some of the best know artists and architects, Salvador Dali, Michael Graves, Aldo Rossi and Philippe Stark to name a few, and turned household items into work of art, combining function and design with a bit of modern whimsey.

Here are a few photo's from my home.   Using items where least expected.....

The Alessi Clock (which by the way is fabulous) is hung on the side of my kitchen island,
to remind my very small dog (Sherman) when it is time for lunch....

Sherman enjoys his meals served in a  CAT bowl...makes you look twice!

Here are some other great products if Alessi:

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