Saturday, June 26, 2010

A Favorite Blog of Timeless Cool... The Garden of Eating

Here is a blog that I have been following that I think you all will enjoy The Garden of Eating

I loved their post yesterday about The Edible Schoolyard  that was created by Alice Waters' Chez Panisse Foundation in 1995 to "give urban public school students a chance to participate in all aspects of growing, harvesting, and preparing nutritious, seasonal produce with the goal of fostering a deeper appreciation of how the natural world sustains us and promoting the environmental and social well-being of the school and community." I wish we could/would start something like this locally. Read the article and get inspired to eat and live well! "The Garden of Eating"

all photos from "The Garden of Eating"

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  1. I am flattered! (although it took me 3 years to notice :) Thanks so much for your kind words. Best, Eve



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