Thursday, June 3, 2010


Next stop was Sunday morning brunch at Cochon Butcher....also part of the Link Restaurant Group and owned by  Chef Donald Link, and partners Chef Stephen Stryjewski and Chef Warren Stephens'.  Inspired by old world meat markets, located in the warehouse district around the corner from Cochan, Butcher specializes in artisian meats and sausages made on premise.  Still full from last nights feast at Cochon,  but my son is working today at Butcher, we order brunch and say our good-byes! 

Now that is a breakfast sandwich!

I choose the BUTCHER breakfast, which consisted of two eggs over easy, sausage, biscuit, and drizzeled with cane syrup. I must admit,  do to the large quantities of calories I had taken in over the last 24 hours,  I asked for the cane syrup on the side....very southern and out of this world. My husband ordered a smoked chicken sandwich with chipoltle tomato sauce and pouched egg.... and just because we did not have enough...we did try (pictured above) the grilled cheese and pimento sandwich.

Eating brunch, washing it down with a great Bloody Mary, we watched locals come in and stock up all all types of goodies....boy I wish I had a "Butcher" in my town. It would be a weekly stop!

as we leave....we are reminded we are definitely in New Orleans! 

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