Friday, March 12, 2010

Saké .......

Over the years I have grown to love the Japanese drink saké (pronounced /ˈsɑːki). It is a Japanese alcoholic beverage made from rice, unlike true wine, in which alcohol is produced by fermenting the sugar naturally present in fruit, saké  is made through a brewing process more like that of beer.

 I recently had saké at a beautiful restaurant in Hong Kong that over looked the harbor. Their presentation of glasses and the serving of the saké was most impressive. As you can see a beautiful collection of hand blown colorful glasses on a tray allowed each of us to pick our favorite. As my love for Asian inspired food continues, I am now on the hunt for these charming little saké glasses to use at home.

The view of the harbor and the famous Hong Kong evening light show will not be as easy to duplicate at home .....but thanks to my camera I have some great shots of the show.

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