Thursday, February 11, 2010

Tina Frey Designs in Modern Designs in Resin

I recently met a fashionable designer from San Francisco on my last trip to New only regret was I did not take a photo of Tina Frey (the designer) to share with you and show you how great she looked wearing her designs. She had an amazing collection of jewelry and homewares that she designed in resin. Each piece is handmade, individually cast and hand finished. Very modern,  timeless and very cool....Timeless Cool! Fabulous salad bowls, servers, you can see my favorite color this season is grey.....IT'S THE NEW BLACK!

 The vases come in numerous sizes, don't you love how the colors just POP against that  grey

The large salad bowl and the smaller bowl with the yellow servers!!

Love them on to the jewelry

Tina had this necklace on when I met her with a simple black turtleneck and one of the cuffs below.
It was  look fabulous!

All the cuffs were great but this was my favorite....


oh my what's this....leather bags too!

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