Friday, February 26, 2010

New Hermes Store on Madison.....Just for Men

I checked out the new men's Hermes store on Madison recently...It was great! We would not have expected anything less. Some things remain constant and this brand certainly has. The colors vary from season to season (which by the way they always seem to have a pulse on the hot new colors) but the product is consistent and definitely timeless.

My visit to the new store reminded me that I needed to share this... We all know this season there's the borrowed "boyfriend" look. The over sized shirts, pants...well what about your boyfriends ties? I have to admit I did not come up on my own but I did take it to the next level. Make a fun necklace with your "boyfriends" tie... Adding an old Hermes tie, cute white tee...definitely Timeless Cool.

The one wants to part with those darn timeless ties!

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