Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Riding an Elephant....cross one off my bucket list

There is always a list of things that you would like to do before you die. Riding an elephant, although not in my top 50, was always something that I thought would be very cool. Well I did it......and it was cool!
It was not bareback, God only knows how exciting that would have been, but I have to admit hanging on to that little bucket of a seat was enough of a challenge. I think that is why massages are so plentiful in Thailand.....you need one after holding on for your dear life. Thoughts of falling out of the seat and having to tell everyone swirled in my head......great motivation.

So the adventure starts out with watching the elephants take a bath.....interesting until I see them performing bodily functions in the water with everyone in the river. I am now glad I opted for the half day expierence minus the elephant bathing.....although the tour guide (who was not phased) assured me it was just fiber. OMG!

Now we have a few tricks......a little instrument playing, moving logs, playing soccer, and then they are going to paint....YEAH RIGHT. Well to my amazement they painted abstract and realistic......

The trainer stands to the side and holds the elephants ear.


more progress

I am becoming a real believer....

The only thing he didn't do was sign it ......unbelievable!

A few other pieces of art done by a fellow artistic elephants

This was my favorite.... From my inside sources, the trainer pulls on the elephant's ear directing
 his trunk  that is holding the paint brush. I'll  have to try that.

Our last stop, a visit to the elephant nursery...... the baby was busy eating bananas but here is a pregnant elephant. This bit of information was filed in the back of my brain, an elephant is pregnant for 2 years......she was really big, 2 years??????

I just had to take a photo of this beautiful little girl who lived within the elephant camp with her family!
Another great day!


  1. That's so cool. I actually rode an elephant as well when I was in third grade and my family took a trip to Thailand to visit my uncle. One of the things we did was an elephant trek through the jungle. Some of your pictures actually remind me a lot of the place where we were. It's an experience that can't be explained, but I'm glad I did it. Plus it was on my bucket list as well. Congrats on crossing something off your list.

  2. Thanks for sharing Jesse....one down any many to go!



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