Friday, December 17, 2010

Timeless Cool Ice Votives....A Glowing Celebration!

This is a repost but worthy of many years of posting.  I am so lucky to have talented friends......Here is another fabulous and simple project just in time for New Years Eve shared by Curtis.  It is simple, the effect is breath taking, the more votives the better.  Curtis was nice enough to give us instructions on exactly how to pull this off.  He was able to get his whole neighborhood to do this during the holidays....can you imagine how gorgeous that looked......streets lined in ice votives!

I am running out to get some plastic waste baskets tomorrow, party or not on New Years Eve I want to try this!

Here are Curtis' instructions:

1. Fill a medium size container with cold water. I use a small plastic bathroom waste basket, a great buy at the dollar store!

2. leave it outside for about 25 to 30 hours, if the outdoor temperature is 20 to 30 degrees. If it is colder check around 16 to 18 hours.

3. You should see the thickess of the ice around the outside. When it is about one and a half inches to two inches, they are ready.

4. Run hot water over the outside of the waste basket, about two or three seconds. Any longer and the ice could crack.

5. The ice should come right out. Break a little bit of ice off of the top and poor the water out.

6. Put in a candle and make the night glow! 

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