Monday, September 14, 2009

A Very Cool Store......BDDW

I happened upon this website.....very cool, I must visit...Founder and designer Tyler Hays bridged American Craft with today modern design. I love just looking at the photos I cannot imagine what a visit would do to me!

BDDW is a small American furniture company dedicated to the creation of well-crafted timeless designs. Tyler Hays, a painter and sculptor, is the company founder and head designer. BDDW is known for their heirloom quality solid wood furniture, traditionally joined, in select domestic hardwoods. Their finishes are all hand rubbed with natural oils and lacquers. In beds, tables, seating, lamps and storage, BDDW has created dozens of classics and is constantly producing new and innovative work.

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  1. beautiful! i suggest you to take a look at i bet you'll love it



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