Monday, September 21, 2009

Christmas Pajama's from Araks

About this time of year I start the hunt for Christmas Pajama's. It is a family tradition in our house that every year each family member will recieve a new pair of pj's to wear on Christmas Eve. (and if we can get away with it right through Christmas Day dinner). Paul Burnett from The New York Times writes: Tell Santa: organic pajamas from Araks are coming this holiday season. This holiday season, the designer Araks Yeramyan will introduce a new special-edition collection of organic pajamas into the mix. (No doubt Araks fans will figure out a way to wear them all day long. Yes we like that!) Here, the designer tells us about the genesis of her new line and gives us a hint of what we can expect next week at her coming show.

I got the idea for the pajamas from a circa-1930s silk set that I found at a small Paris vintage shop. For myself I wear a pair of men’s pajama pants my husband bought me that paired with my organic tank. I like anything easy and cotton. Sounds good to me ......SOLD... where do I get them!!!!

mmmm....children do you still get pj's if you don't come home????

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