Monday, August 3, 2009

Monet Water Lilies at High Museum Atlanta

Obviously I have been to Atlanta recently..... now through August 23rd Monet Water Lilies at the High Museum. It is worth the stop to see the exhibit and this beautiful museum. Don't you just love new technology....they allow you to take photos with your cell phone. Just in case you miss the exhibit, I did.

A tidbit of information from the High Museum website:

About Claude Monet
In the last thirty years of his life, Monet's paintings were primarily inspired by the impressive water garden he created at his home in Giverny. Monet rarely left Giverny after about 1890, and his home became a gathering place for artists, writers, and collectors. By 1917 Monet had developed cataracts, which blurred his vision and distorted his perception of color. He started to paint in a broader, more abstract style, using long brushes so he could stand farther away from the canvas. Despite these challenges, Monet’s water lilies are often considered his greatest work. "It is here amid this endless visual feast that Claude Monet lives. And this is indeed the environment which one imagines for this prodigious artist who has so splendidly celebrated the life of colours…who has delighted our dreams with another dream mysteriously embodied in nature." —Octave Mirbeau, writer and botanist, 1891

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