Monday, August 10, 2009

Hidden Kitchen.....Paris' Secret Supper Club

toasting the nuts


Toasted Peanut Soup w/ Roasted Eggplant and Red Onion Salad

An evening of interesting people, fabulous food and wine, Paris..... what more can one ask for? I want to hop on the plane right now! October the next dinner? I think I'm free...... I am emailing them right now!
Hidden Kitchen: Two American cooks went to Paris with the dream of hosting dinners for like minded foodies. Starting by inviting 16 "friends" to their home to share a seasonal tasting menu has now extending to interesting people from all over the world. A dream fufilled.

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  1. I'm in
    I'll fire up the jet
    Thanks for the motivation to start
    my Blog and your help today



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