Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Heather Moore Jewelry and Life's Special Moments

Call me sentimental sucker...... I love Heather Moore dog tags. The birth of a new baby, wedding, anniversary, any of life's precious moments..... I love them all! The line is based on the idea that everyone has something in his or her life to celebrate. They allow you to document your milestones and inspirations.

Each date, name, or monogram is hand pressed with vintage, turn of the century tools. Heather Moore Jewelry is doing its part to help preserve the Earth’s natural resources by strictly working with 100% recycled metals.
Heather.... an new hot items that everyone should know about?

.....Hey guys take note.....(girls you can always email him this posting as a gentle reminder!)


  1. I have seen these they are great! I know what i want next holiday

  2. i own some of this jewelry and it's phenomenal! everyone should own a piece.....or 10!



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