Friday, October 22, 2010

Chasing Wild Horses by Robert Dutesco

This is  a repost.... I am still fascinated and I think they are amazing dream would be to be able to photograph these amazing animals. I had never heard of Sable Island or the famed Wild Horses until friends shared with me their fascination last night. I have spent a few good hours today researching due to my own fascination with these gorgeous free spirited animals........ The Wild Horses of Sable Island—is on permanent view at the Dutesco Gallery in Soho and I can't get there soon enough!

A few quick facts, Sable Island is located in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of the Canadian province of Nova Scotia and has a population of about 15 humans, assorted marine birds and seals, and more than 300 wild horses. The island and its horses are protected from human habitation and development by strict laws. There is no tourism on the island, sorry. (I spent some time hoping to find a hotel). In 2007, fashion photographer Robert Dutesco made his second journey to the island, which resulted in this beautiful and magical, but somewhat haunting series of photographs. I have posted a link to a clip of "Chasing Wild Horses", which documents Dutesco's visit to the island.

Chasing Wild Horses - Clip 2 of 4 from Roberto Dutesco on Vimeo.

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