Friday, May 30, 2008

Sustainable Luxury

As we all become more conscious of our environment and start to take notice of the companies, products and those individuals that share our concern, I must congratulate John Hardy for being on the forefront with their vision of bringing together beautiful pieces of jewelry, home accessories and protecting our precious environment. Watch this segment on their "Philosophy of Sustainable Luxury"
More to come.... watch for all that stopped me in my tracks from this company at the Couture Jewelry Show! Fab U lous........

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  1. C5 company is an emerging retailer of sustainable fine jewerly. We share John Hardy's vision for gorgeous jewelry that has as little social and environmental impact as possible. C5 specializes in traditional jewelry made from recycled metals and lab-created gems. The company is based on the philosophy that you don't have to sacrifice beauty for sustainability. Check out to see some samples of the custom pieces we have created.



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